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Get 30% affiliate commission

Promote CollabFlow and earn up to 3,000 USD for each new client

How it works


Get your affiliate links

You’ll get unique links to use in your promotions. When these links are used, we’ll be able to track sales coming from your links for up to 100 days.


Promote CollabFlow

Share your links with your audience through your website, social channels, or offline.

The goal is to have prospects register for a free account and/or book a call with our sales team.


Our sales team closes the client

Our sales team will demo the system for the prospects you send us, select a package within their budget and close the client.


Track your commissions

You get 30% of what the client spends withinin the first year. If the client buys a package of 5,000 US dollars – you get $1,500.


Get Paid

We’ll pay you by bank transfer or PayPal – whichever you prefer.

Big Ticket = Big Commission

Yearly packages sell for 900 > 10,000 USD
You get from 270 > 3,000 USD per sale

Apply here

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From when a prospective client signs up for a free trial or books a call, it takes around 7 to 20 days for our sales team to convert them into a paying client.

Should any visitor, referred by your affiliate link, convert into a paying client within 100 days, you will receive a commission for any SaaS transactions within the first year.

You will receive a 30% commission for any SaaS transactions within the first year.

You will get paid within 5 days after the end of a calendar month.

If you give us 10+ clients per month, we can pay you more often.

We can pay you by either:

  • ACH bank transfer (USA)
  • IBAN bank transfer (Europe)
  • PayPal (Worldwide)

If, for any reason, the client is reimbursed, the commission for that sale will not be disbursed.

In cases where the commission has already been paid out (e.g. if the client receives a refund after 3 months), the corresponding commission amount will be deducted from future payments.

Given the low occurrence of refunds or chargebacks, this should not pose a significant concern.

In case we suspect an affiliate is creating fake clients to illegally obtain commissions (for example with stolen credit cards), we will not hesitate to take legal action.

Yes, but you need permission from us first.

For example, we do not allow Google Adwords in our affiliate program or any other advertising that directly competes or cannibalize our own paid marketing efforts.

CollabFlow sometimes offers our SaaS customers additional consulting services. The affiliate commission does not apply to these extra services.

Remember we only offer this consulting to clients who have purchased our software, so affiliates always get a commission if your prospects become clients.